Tuesday and Wednesday rolled into one – Wed 28th Oct

Yesterday I arrived a little later than usual after convincing myself I’d forgotten to lock the house when I left. Of course after going back to check I had actually locked the door, but better to be safe than sorry! I had to wait another 30mins for the next train so arrived at work at 9am. 

I had a really dull day stocking all those samples I plated yesterday. Between myself and one of the post-docs we got all 246 either stored in the freezer or re-streaked onto a fresh plate (if they were contaminated or there weren’t very many cells). We managed to do half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. In between I went to journal club at 10am and between 11am-12:15pm I also supervised my undergrad. I had lunch between 12:15-1pm before going to a departmental seminar on part of the 1000 genomes project.

At 2pm it was back to the lab and the other half of my samples. I spent the afternoon in the lab with brief email checks, one of these emails annoyed me. Does it bother anyone else when they get an email reminding them of an impending deadline, or is that just me? I have something to finish by Friday and I’m well aware of it, I’ve begun it on paper (while I’ve been supervising my undergrad in the lab) but haven’t had a chance to upload it to the online database yet. I’m not a child (or even an undergrad student) who needs reminding, I’m a grown up who is perfectly capable of planning my time. If you’d like the job done sooner then adjust the deadline accordingly, if you’d told me it was due by the 27th it would’ve been uploaded and complete by the 27th, but you didn’t you gave me a deadline of the 30th. Of course I replied to this email in a very polite and professional way, thanking the sender for the reminder and assuring them it would be complete by the deadline. No snarky undertones or anything that could be interpreted as negative, just a simple thank you. I’m sure the email was sent with the best of intentions so I replied along the same line, but that didn’t stop me feeling annoyed.

I left the lab at 6pm and went to the gym. I ran intervals so hard that I exhausted any anger I’d had and was feeling good by the time I got home (although I did re-count the email story to my boyfriend who patiently listened 🙂 ).

The result of 246 samples - doesn't look like much right?
The result of 246 samples – doesn’t look like much right?

Today I managed to get out of the house first time 🙂 so I arrived at work at 8:30am. I was free until 11am as my undergrad had lectures meaning I had a little time to get some of my own work done 🙂 . I dealt with some admin until 9am when my sequencing results (sent off yesterday) arrived in my in box. There were 96 samples to analyse so this (plus graph making) took me until my undergrad arrived at 11am. The overall result of these samples is that my new latest mutants make ZERO impact on my system. So far I’m looking at a thesis full of disproved hypotheses, but this is science, we soldier on.

Between 11am-1pm I worked with my undergrad teaching him something new. We just about managed to get it finished in time for my 1pm meeting. That lasted until 2pm when I had a chance to eat some lunch, and catch up with the boss, I gathered two new bits of information:

  1. I need to make some double mutants to really prove there’s no impact on my system.
  2. Soon I’ll be going off to the microbiology lab at the hospital to learn how to set up the chips for processing the 246 samples I’ve been stocking the last few days. Luckily this doesn’t have to be done immediately any time in November is fine.

By 3pm I was back in the lab and dealt with the restreaked samples (this was about 20% of them) and 240/246 are now safely in the -80 freezer. The last few I’m still working on getting clean of any contamination. Between this and getting my lab book up to date it was already 5pm and time to go to Pilates. I was back to the lab between 6:30-7pm while I waited for the next train. I should’ve used the time productively but I didn’t. I used it to check twitter and facebook, whoops 😛 . I have done some work this evening though, continuing with uploading feedback for that deadline on Friday.

So that’s the last two days, they were repetitive but necessary. I’m a little disappointed that neither of my mutants affect my system but that means another two crossed off my long list of things to check. Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.

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