A repetitive start to the week – Monday 26th Oct

Today was a pretty dull day – it was finally time to plate out those 246 samples. In the end they arrived at 4:30pm on Friday while we were having our weekly meeting, and as they were dehydrated we decided they’d be safe until Monday. This means I was spared the need for a Saturday trip to the lab to stock 246 samples and instead got to go and buy pumpkins for Halloween and harvest some veggies from my garden.

Farm shop pumpkins :)
Farm shop pumpkins 🙂
Weekend harvest from the veggie patch

I arrived this morning at 9:15am after my Monday morning swim, and my undergrad appeared just after 9:30am (as requested). I worked in the lab labeling plates and getting the samples into order while he got on with his work on the next bench. This meant I was there for him to ask any questions, but I wasn’t watching him all the time (so hopefully he relaxed a little). I managed to rope in one of the post-docs to help me out with the plating and the most time consuming part by far was sorting the samples into order. The 246 were split into 4 boxes but other than that it was a free for all. I sat, sorted and plated from 9:30am-12:30pm while also keeping an eye on my undergrad. By this point we were half way through the samples, and I’d sorted and labeled up plates for box number 3 ready for the afternoon.

This is what my bench looked like for most of the day.
This is what my bench looked like for most of the day.

Between 12:30-1pm I checked emails and also placed orders. Our departmental orders are all done on a Tuesday, which means we have to have orders to our technician by Monday so they can be checked before orders are placed. Then I went for my lunch (away from my desk) until 1:30pm. Straight after lunch I wrote up and submitted an online record of my monthly supervisory meeting (electronic submission of these records is a new rule due to government regulations on monitoring all students). I see my boss every day so writing them up feels a little pointless, but it’s required, so I write up any of the one-to-ones we’ve recently had. This time round it was one of meetings we had last week where I’d collated data from a lot of different experiments.

Then it was a quick trip out to the students union as they were selling Krispy Kreme’s for charity (at £1 a doughnut my friend & I were straight over there!) and while we were out we also popped to the library to drop some documents off at print services.

After another quick email check it was back to the lab and between 2:15-4pm I managed to get box number 3 plated, before helping plate and sort out missing samples in box number 4. We were all wrapped up, with all samples incubating by 4:45pm which left me just enough time to defrost some cells to make some overnight cultures. Tomorrow I’ll make DNA from them so I can send them for sequencing.

I left at 5pm which was lovely, I actually got home before my boyfriend which is pretty rare :). Tonight I plan to try and finish a draft of a blog post for the Bioscience PhD Forum which I started over the weekend. I hope you all have a lovely evening, and thanks for reading 🙂 .

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