Demonstrating again today – Thursday 22nd Oct

Just a brief post today as 1. my day wasn’t very exciting 2. I’m shattered! 3. My new book arrived from amazon and I’d really like to start reading it 🙂

I arrived at 8:30am and was pleased to see my undergrad by 9am, although not so pleased when I found out he was meant to be in a lecture – definitely need to have words with him about priorities. I was right in the middle of setting up my own work when he arrived so he had to wait.

By 10am I’d set up PCRs, made the 15 bottles of media and taken them to the kitchen for autoclaving, set up my own DNA extractions and also directed my undergrad into setting up his own DNA extraction. All morning I flitted between my lab work, my computer work (and a little twitter time) and my undergrads work.

At 11:45 I went out for a little walk to grab a snack at the students union and between 12-12:20pm I sat down to work through the problem that the students have to do in the afternoon practical. It’s basically a DNA puzzle, but it takes a little thinking through. I hate being unprepared so I worked through the problem myself before my lunch.

At 12:45pm I went over to the teaching lab (after checking on my undergraduate) and was there until 5pm, see I told you very boring to tell you all about! Straight after I left the teaching lab I went and grabbed my PCR out of the machine and stuck it in the freezer ready to run out tomorrow. While I was gone one of the post-docs very kindly poured out 7 of my 15 bottles of agar, so that left me 7 to pour (with a spare left in the oven). I poured them pretty quickly (while having flashbacks to my old job in a commercial lab where mass media production was a daily job), and I now have 280 plates ready and waiting for the samples tomorrow. I cleaned up my bench and headed off home at 6pm. 

So that’s my day, a busy one but not very exciting to write about. I hope you’ve all had a good day?

P.S. Once again I forgot to get a picture of me in my blue lab coat!


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