The boss is back – Monday 19th Oct

I arrived this morning at about 9:15am, after my Monday morning swim. I had a little time before my undergrad arrived so I set up a transformation (another mutant to make) and poured some gels to run out some PCRs from Friday. I went to see the boss in his office but one of the post-docs was already there, so I went back to my computer and started analysing the data that landed in my inbox this morning 🙂 . This data starts to fill in some gaps I’ve got in one of my big experiments so finally getting the analysis to work is a huge relief!

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m trying to get my undergrad to be a tad more independent, so I gave him his instructions on Friday and hoped today he’d be able to get on with things. He came to check with me before starting things and I provided any necessary reagents before sending him to the lab (with my fingers crossed he doesn’t burn the place down). I went back to the bosses office and just as I’d sat down another student (MSc. Bioinformatics) showed up hoping to see him. As I would be around all day I went back to the lab and let them chat instead.

At 11am, while my transformation was incubating, I popped out for a morning coffee and when I got back the boss was finally free. I shared all the things I managed to get done while he was away and he joked that if I get that much done he should go on holiday more often – I agree, I actually managed to shrink my to do list while he was out of email contact 😛 . Overall he seems really happy with everything I had to show him, although has now thought of loads of new things for me to do. We discussed my undergrads project and between us finally came up with a plan that we’re both happy with. It’s quite a lot of work but should give him an interesting write up regardless of whether or not the results turn out as we expect. Towards the end of our conversation my undergrad appeared at the door requesting help – it took a while to fix but we got there in the end. I don’t think we’re as close to independent as I’d hoped just yet.

That took me until 1:15pm which meant my cells were done incubating and ready for their final layers of agar (remember those multi layer plates from last week – more of those). I added the final layers and also loaded my samples onto the gels I poured this morning, before eventually going for lunch at about 1:45pm. It was brief, but away from my desk.

I was back at my desk by just after 2pm, and put together some graphs from this mornings data. Between this, supervising my undergrad, setting up a restriction digest in the lab and a final chat with the boss it was already 4pm and hometime! I needed to be home by 5pm as I had someone coming to clean my oven (and he did a top job the oven looks like new!). Being home early gave me the chance to sit down and catch up on some blog admin. I hadn’t written anything for my University of Leicester blog for ages so dedicated a little time to a post for them (which you can find here). I’ll also be writing a new post for the Biosciences PhD forum soon.

So that’s a round up of my day, positives include; getting a decent amount of work done, and catching up with the boss, downside is my undergraduate definitely isn’t ready to work alone just yet. Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.


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