Strong end to the week – Friday 16th Oct 2015

As promised a Friday post for you!

I arrived at 9:15am after a morning swim, I faffed until 9:30am when I expected my undergrad to arrive, but apparently he doesn’t check his emails…So I carried on with my own work. I loaded a gel of the PCRs I ran overnight and set up a plate for sequencing. My undergrad showed up just after 10am and in his defense he’d had a lecture, but I’m not psychic – if he doesn’t tell me I don’t know. Told him to check his emails more often.

We got his cells incubating and I gave him a plan for the first few days of next week, in an attempt to make him more independent. I told him what he’ll be doing and what he’ll need, and left him to figure out if he had everything. He should by now be able to check all these things and make more (e.g. agar plates) on his own. I need him to become at least a little autonomous so this is the first step.

At 11am I checked my gel – bands are the wrong size 😦 . Between 11:15-11:45am I went through how we construct mutants with my undergrad, he nodded that he understands but I’m not entirely convinced. We also spent some time going through the project outline he constructed, clearing up some misconceptions he has and tackling a few things (I made the mistake of assuming he knows what a biofilm is so once that was explained things became clearer).

Between 11:45-12pm I had a well earned twitter break 🙂 before heading back into the lab to do some of my own work and help my undegrad as well. At 1pm I went for a fairly quick lunch with my friend (if you take out the queuing time) and was back in the lab for the next step of his protocol by 1:45pm. After doing the first time point under supervision I left him to get on with the next 3 on his own (still striving for independence). I could’ve and should’ve got a lot done in that time but after double checking those incorrectly sized bands from this morning I realised they are actually right! That meant I’d finished every job bar one that I’d planned to do this week! So I faffed around a little more before dedicating the rest of my afternoon to that final job – designing quite a complex, unmarked mutant. This is a completely computer based job so I sat at my computer with my blanket (the office was freezing and yes I do have a blanket at work, people have got used to it now but thought I was a weirdo at first, sometimes when I’m really cold I go and hide in the 37’C room for a little bit) until I left at 4:30pm. That’s right I left at 4:30pm today 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

That is one complete looking to do list
That is one complete looking to do list 🙂

Overall a really positive week. I have results to show the boss when he’s back from holiday next week and have hopefully started my undergrad on the road to being at least a little independent. Until next week everyone, thanks for reading!

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