First demonstrating of the year – 8th Oct 2015

Today I arrived at 8am, and my plan was to have a productive morning before demonstrating in the afternoon. I spent the first hour giving a final chunk of feedback to my realising opportunities (RO) tutees before their deadline tomorrow. I wanted to give them maximum time to finish so wanted to get this done nice and early. At 9am I got some sequencing data back so I then spent 30mins processing that, unfortunately most of the samples failed so that’ll mean some re-processing next week 😦 .

Today I was undergrad free 🙂 🙂 🙂 (he had practicals all day) so I thought I’d get loads done. In the end I didn’t really. I wasted time reading things, interesting things but not PhD things. I managed to get a few jobs done, as well put in some orders. I had a nice early lunch at 12:15pm as I had to be in the teaching lab by ~12:45pm for a 1pm start.

This was my first time demonstrating on this unit, and the first thing I noticed is it’s much smaller than the first year unit. As it was the first session it was quite light on the lab load. This meant I got a break beteween 3-3:45pm and we were finished before 4:30pm. This left me with some time to actually be productive in the lab and I managed to get most of my jobs for today done. It was a very productive last 1.5hrs before heading home at 6pm. 

That’s all for today, next week I’ll try and snap a picture of me in my blue demonstrators lab coat 🙂 . Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.


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