#HeForShe – Tuesday 29th Sept

This morning I arrived at 8:30am and was in the lab by 9am. I wanted to get some samples defrosted and incubating before journal club at 10am. Out of the freezer they came and it didn’t take long to get them through the first few steps of my protocol, leaving me time to print out the paper ready for journal club and grab a cup of tea. I’ve written about my journal club aversion before but I have to say today’s paper was thought-provoking and well presented. The topic was interesting for everyone and didn’t seem to have been chosen purely because the presenter needed to read the paper anyway. We felt there were quite a few unanswered questions in the research but overall we liked it.

Journal club lasted a little longer than normal (until 11:15am) which unfortunately meant I missed the arrival of the UN’s He for She tour bus. Today the Get Free tour for gender equality was launched at Leicester, and the day included a series of talks and poster displays on campus. I managed to go for a wander to see the bus and have a look at the displays before heading back to the lab at 11:45am. You can find out more about the HeForShe campaign here.

The inspirational women of the University of Leicester

Between 11:45am and 1pm I finished extracting my latest batch of samples and tomorrow I’ll put them through the next step of analysis. If I can get these samples processed it will be a lovely new chunk of data 🙂 . At 1:15pm I went for a lovely hour long lunch with my friend and former colleague. We caught up, talking a little about science but mostly about other things and grabbed a coffee before going back to our respective labs at 2:15pm. Today I had to leave at 3pm for an appointment, so I decided to spend the last 45mins looking through a draft assignment from one of my 6th form students who’s part of the Realising Opportunities programme. Overall his assignment looks great (with loads of good research!) but I offered what I hope are helpful suggestions for him to get it completed ready for the up-coming deadline. Not a huge amount of PhDing done today but what I did get done was useful.

This evening I’ve finished a draft of an article for someone, I can’t share who yet but when I can I’ll let you know. Loosely work related but an enjoyable task for the evening. Time to relax for the evening now, until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.


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