2nd Year Meeting – Monday 28th Sept

This morning I went for a swim so I arrived at the lab at 9:15am, today I had my second year progress meeting at 10am so I didn’t start any lab work until after that. Before the meeting I grabbed the keys for the bosses office (he’s away but was happy for us to use his office) and got myself settled. For myself I brought a copy of my report to look at as well as some updated versions of my data. I wasn’t entirely happy with how it was presented in my report but it was the best I could do by the deadline I had. It’s now in a much better format so I was able to show my panel that I’ve already extended the work that they had in front them. I also took a copy of that thesis plan I started last week.

The meeting went really well, I expected criticism (its just part of the PhD process) but all their critiques were really constructive, so I left feeling really positive. Overall my writing style went down well and I can personally see quite a big improvement in both the quality of my written work and my ability to defend it. The meeting lasted just over an hour and was fairly relaxed. At the end I had the chance to ask them questions so I used to opportunity to ask about a realistic time-frame for thesis writing.

By 11:15am I was free to go for my usual morning walk, unfortunately I came across a problem pretty swiftly. It’s freshers. The undergraduates are back, and campus is absolutely heaving! Don’t get me wrong there are some definite pros to this (everything is open and fully stocked again!) but I had to queue for about 15mins to get cash out. I also HAD to accept a dominoes goody bag to stop people trying to give me a dominoes bag (there were a couple of people handing them out on every corner). Anyway after getting lost in a scrum of freshers I eventually made it back to my desk by about 11:45am with a well earnt diet coke and piece of cake 🙂 . I’ll now own up to not really getting much done for the next hour. I did a lot of email checking, twitter checking and consulting of my to-do list, without actually doing anything on my to-do list. I think I needed a little time to unwind from the mornings meeting as, even though it went really well, it was tiring. I cut my losses and went for lunch at 12:45pm. 

All of a sudden there are people everywhere, including one of the overly excited dominoes people. 
Cash point queue :(
Cash point queue 😦

After a half hour lunch I spent the afternoon in the lab extracting DNA. While the samples were incubating for an hour I nipped to the market in town to grab a few bits for dinner, but don’t worry I was back before before my timer beeped. I finished processing my samples and had them safely stored my in freezer by 4:45pm. That gave me a little bit of time to clean down my lab bench and deal with any newly arrived emails. I had quite an interesting request in my inbox, the college are looking for a few people to talk to the new PhD students at their induction in 2 weeks time, and I was suggested as a willing volunteer. I’m more then happy to help, giving induction talks seems to be becoming my thing, so I replied with a yes before I left for the end of the day at 5pm. 

My evening has been PhD free, although I am settling down to look at some student assignments for my various tutor roles. Have a great evening everyone, thanks for reading 🙂 .

6 thoughts on “2nd Year Meeting – Monday 28th Sept

  1. Hello :))

    I’m Wes, could I ask for some tips about preparing the review of related literature?



      • Thanks miss! 🙂
        I considered restarting my thesis again.. a bit disorganized when it was started.
        then I came across people doing their phd’s and upon knowing that they also struggle at some point, it gives me comfort that such thing may happen at times. 🙂


      • It’s an on-going process, sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t. Knowing everyone feels like that at least some of the time definitely makes it easier 🙂


  2. With you on Fresher’s week – I made the mistake of making a request to look at a couple of books in special collections first thing yesterday morning. Went in (9am), campus was quiet. Came out at 11am, it was heaaaaaving! I grabbed what I needed to and scarpered off home, too many people for my liking, especially after the quietness of summer! I think if I’m ever in a position where I’m working on campus then I may just take lunch in for fresher’s week….!


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