Successful Wednesday 9th Sept :)

Today was a great day 🙂

I arrived at 9am after a little detour to grab a coffee in town this morning, after switching on my computer I went to the lab to check on the experiments I set up yesterday. One success, one failure – not a terrible start to the day. I set up PCRs for the successful experiment and they were in by 10am, I binned the unsuccessful one, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Just after 10am I popped over to day one of the outreach event (Dynamic DNA) running today and tomorrow. I’m only scheduled to demonstrate tomorrow but some friends were on an activity that was new to them but I’ve done a few times. I stayed until 10:30am just going through the best ways to explain DNA finger printing to Year 9’s 🙂 . We set up a “crime scene” and the kids get to conduct a forensic investigation – you can check out what it looks like here.

At 11am I sat down to work with my model, I worked away and away and away, until 12:30pm when I took a break and went to grab a snack. I always appreciate the little walk I get when I pop out for a snack, just 5-10mins out of the building can be nice. After my snack I spent another 45mins working with the model, I’m really happy this MATLAB battle is finally going my way.

At 1:30pm I had a meeting to go to, that was planned to finish at 2:30pm but ended up running until 3:30pm. After wrapping that up it was time to finally try and get some graphs out of all this model data. It took a few tries but I worked out how best to put these data on a graph, and then I did some stats, ANNNNNND those stats made me so happy. Everything I’d hypothesised/hoped would be significant WAS SIGNIFICANT! The results will definitely be going in my presentation next week.

I made a rough draft of a slide and took it to the boss for his opinion – his opinion is that he loves it 🙂 . Happy supervisor, happy student. The only downside to my day was that I was sitting talking through these new data with the boss and all of a sudden realised it was 5:25pm, Pilates started 10mins ago and I wasn’t there, whoops! Ah well, I cut my losses and left at 6pm to get home in plenty of time for Bake off.

Overall a really positive day, and the confidence boost I need before the competition next week 🙂 . I hope you’ve all had a productive day as well, thanks for reading everyone.

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