An early start today – Tuesday 8th Sept

Today I started early, I arrived at 7am and I stayed until 6pm. It was a long day, but a productive one.

I arrived so early as I wanted more time to work on my presentation before the lab meeting, I managed to get a good hour done before anyone else arrived. At about 8am I caught up with my friend who’d just come back from holiday and probably lost about half an hour (but it was totally worth, it she had a great holiday 🙂 ).

Until the lab meeting at 10am I worked on my presentation, and then spent 1.5hrs going through my presentation and getting feedback from people in the lab. It sounds like a long time but it went really quickly (for me at least!) and I scribbled down a lot of useful notes about my slides and my presentation structure. I have some work to do, especially since I was a little over time, but at the moment I’m feeling like it’s a job I can tackle, as the actual presentation approaches next week I’m sure that feeling will start to be replaced with pure terror.

The boss was in charge of cake today and made an excellent selection - fresh doughnuts! I definitely didn't eat two ...
The boss was in charge of cake today and made an excellent selection – fresh doughnuts! I definitely didn’t eat two …

I was back at my desk just after 11:30am and after checking my emails found out there was a seminar to go to at 12pm. Hearing about a seminar on the day doesn’t really help with planning (and I’m a person who likes to plan!) we have so many different seminar programmes running with different themes it can be difficult to keep track even when you are informed in advance. Anyway I didn’t have much time to do anything before the seminar so that was me occupied until 1pm, when it was obviously lunchtime.

At 2pm I had a briefing for some outreach events happening over the next few days, and as someone who’s done quite a few of these events I hung around a little longer to help answer questions. This meant it was 3pm before I (finally!) started any lab work. I worked away until I got a MATLAB based gift from another PhD student in the lab. He had very, very, VERY kindly written an additional script for me that would take what I originally had and run it in an alternative way, PERFECT. He went through how it works, and I then sat and ran experimental data through my new improved model until about 4:30pm. I had to tweak a few things, but overall I’m really happy with it. I definitely owe him a drink 🙂 . At 4:30pm I dragged myself away from my shiny, new and improved model to finish the lab work I had planned for the day. I worked in the lab until 5:15pm, when I went and shared the good model news with the boss, then it was straight back to the lab by 5:30pm to wrap everything up to go home at 6pm. 

So a long day, the early start is catching up on me, but lots of positives to take from it. I got two experiments set up and also generated some numbers from my new model. Take home message for the day; ask for help from people who have the skills you need! Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.


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