Thursday and Friday were really dull

The title says it all, Thursday and Friday were pretty dull and nearly identical. Lab, computer, meeting, repeat…


Thursday involved arriving at 8:30am doing about an 1hour of lab work and then playing with MATLAB until Lunch. In the afternoon I played with MATLAB some more (showing the boss why what he was asking me to do wasn’t quite as easy as he thought it was) and then at 3pm we had a team meeting about a specific on going project. After the meeting finished at 5pm I went and did a bit more lab work and redesigned the primers for the PCR that keeps giving me too large a band (1+1=3kb still!). After all that was done I went home at 6pm. It was a thoroughly uninteresting day with very little to show for my efforts.


I arrived at 9:15am on Friday as I went for a swim before work. I spent my morning processing some samples and setting up some PCRs for a mutant (primers arrived yesterday). I managed to get one of the two PCRs to work brilliantly first time, unfortunately I need them both to work before I can carry on. After my lab work I spent another chunk of my time playing with MATLAB. Woooo…

At 1pm I went for lunch and was back by 2pm where I did lab work until our weekly meeting at 2:30pm, although I’ll admit to being about 25mins late (with permission 😛 ). I managed to get quite a lot set up ready to send for analysis on Monday morning and hopefully get back before the end of the day. Our meeting went on until 6:15pm and as the the boss was very up to date on my work I didn’t make any slides, but I did update everyone else. Finishing at 6:15pm meant I’d just missed the train so I stayed until 7pm doing lab work.


Ahh yes that’s right, Saturday. Weekend PhDing. Not for too long though. I went to Pilates at 9am on Saturday and then popped to the lab at 10:15am, took some overnight PCRs out and ran some gels. The PCR that failed on Friday failed again with the new conditions so I think it’s back to the drawing board with those primers. While the gels were running I did a little more MATLAB playing. I nearly got something from it so plugged away until 12pm in the end before I left to get on with my weekend.

Monday will be varied, with a presentation to finish putting together and a feedback tutorial for the Brilliant Club in the afternoon. Check back tomorrow to see how it went 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “Thursday and Friday were really dull

  1. I think those repetitive days are the hardest in blogging terms! I know I’ve struggled with them too.. my solution has been to switch to a weekly review instead, with the odd other blog when I want to write about something concrete/non update. I think that works better for me, but… YMMV. I am heading into the archives (I guess your equivalent of lab work?) on Wednesday so may update daily then, there’ll be more exciting stuff to write about! 🙂 Keep writing though, I know I’m not alone in enjoying reading. 🙂


    • Thanks that’s lovely to hear 🙂
      Today was filled with a lot of variety so hopefully a bit more exciting to read about. Good luck with the archives hope you find some exciting stuff!


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