Downhill Thursday – 27th Aug

Thursday was bad, so, so bad. I feel outrageously overwhelmed and at first didn’t really seem to be able to do anything about it.

I have until tomorrow to finish this second year report, which is more of a administration requirement than anything else, if I don’t want to spend my bank holiday weekend working on it (spoiler I really, really don’t!).

The problem is today I tried to convince the boss to make a thesis plan, the boss is very against the whole thesis process – papers yes, thesis no. A thesis is only ever read by a handful of people, with a paper you will hopefully have a much wider audience. So this means, in his mind, effort should go to papers and not to thesis writing. Unfortunately actually writing the thesis is kind of a requirement. We sat in his office for about 2 hours, we started off not talking about a thesis plan, instead talking about how to frame my work so that a specialist topic is appealing to a wide audience. This is great, we talked about a lot of the core principles of genetics, homologous recombination, stochastic switching. I became painfully aware once again that I’m a microbiologist pretending to be a geneticist. My degree title is Genetic PhD, not Microbiology PhD but I am a microbiologist. It’s days like today where I have no idea how I’ll make it to the end of this PhD.

And that brings to the end the ramblings of a mad woman…

Anyway I managed to claw my way out of that hole before I went home. Instead of going to the gym (the better choice for my physical health) I stayed at the lab until 7pm and managed to regain some form of control (the better choice for my mental health). I decided to write myself some SMART goals to tackle at least some of what I needed to do. This made me feel better and let me carry on with the report. I then finished the day by making more SMART goals to get the report finished. They were along the lines of make sure there is a conclusion paragraph of each of the three hypotheses. Something vague like finish conclusion would be harder to manage.

A slightly different post to normal, but I think it’s important to show you that in the space of about 3 hours I went from in control, to completely lost, to finding my way back again.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a more emotionally stable Friday!

2 thoughts on “Downhill Thursday – 27th Aug

    • Haha it can be a struggle (and you might’ve noticed there wasn’t a Friday post yet!) but the blog is giving me opportunities so that gives me motivation to keep doing it 😊 daily posts probably won’t last forever though!

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