Halfway to the weekend Wednesday 26th Aug

Hello bloggies, today’s post will be a short one as today was pretty similar to yesterday.

I arrived at work just after 8:30am, but it took me a little while to get going. I wasn’t doing nothing but I wasn’t actively ticking anything off the to-do list either. By 9:30am I was in the lab setting up an attempt at optimising yesterday’s awful PCR. That was on by 10am. I spent the rest of the morning pottering in the lab getting things done, combined with a little social media break or two.

I had a quick lunch at my desk at 1pm, not out of an intense need to get things done but because I didn’t have any plans and the office was quiet.

After lunch I ran my PCR samples out on a lovely, fresh, new gel made of lovely, fresh, new agarose. The results were a massive improvement (have a little look if you don’t believe me 😛 ).

The wonders worked by a little extra magnesium, a slightly lower temperature and fresh agarose
The wonders worked by a little extra magnesium, a slightly lower temperature and fresh agarose

From 2-5pm I carried on with some serious data analysis at the computer. At times I got frustrated, for a while I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted from my results, but I stuck with it and I now have 12 lovely, very pretty new graphs. They complete a picture rather than tell me anything new, but they’ll make an excellent contribution to my 2nd year report (due next Tuesday!).

At 5pm I headed out of the door to Pilates, and after an hour of that I was back to the lab to see the boss for the first time in over a month! He landed back in the UK today and is only here for a short time before heading off again in Sept. He was really pleased with my newly produced graphs from the last few days so that finished the day off really nicely. We caught up on the on-going mini project and looked at the samples I plated yesterday. We decided that replating a few of those samples would be worthwhile to try and get a conclusive outcome.

With Pilates I didn’t get home until 7:30pm but my lovely boyfriend had already started dinner (instructions were provided) 🙂 .

That’s it for today, until tomorrow everyone, and thank you for reading.


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