Tuesday 25th Aug

Today I arrived at the office at 8:30am and was straight into the lab, I set up some test PCRs to run before our lab meeting at 10am. I managed to keep the lab meeting fairly on track time wise today which is one of those small victories you definitely have to claim. By the time the lab meeting had finished at 11am my PCRs were finished (it was only a short programme) so I could run them out on a gel. I’d already poured my gel before the lab meeting, but then realised I had twice as many samples as I’d planned for. I ran two sets of PCRs on the same samples, so while one set ran I poured another gel for the other.

Overall the results were less than exciting, but it wasn’t a complete failure (my positive control worked). I think my biggest problem was trying to get away with using agarose I made before my holiday… lesson learnt, agarose made 3 weeks ago will not give a nice gel.

After the lab meeting I was kindly reminded that I’m up for journal club next week. Unfortunately journal club isn’t my favourite pastime 😦 . I decided to try really hard to find a paper that would be interesting to everyone, even if not directly relevant to everyone. We try to aim for papers from high impact journals, so I spent a little time searching around and eventually settled on a paper I actually already had. While this means I’m doing what I dislike about journal club (choosing a paper for my own purposes) I do think it’s a paper that will be interesting to most people as it’s a novel application of a technology. Later this week I’ll put my slides together.

Yesterday I got an email that I needed to complete my annual re-registration with the university, so I quickly knocked that job off my to do list and was rewarded with a scary confirmation that I’ve just registered for Year 3 of 3.

Year 3 of 3...
Year 3 of 3…

At 1pm I went for lunch (away from my desk) and was back before 2pm. I spent the afternoon analysing data I already have in an alternative way. It took me a couple of goes to really work out what I wanted to get from the data but by 5pm I was on a roll. I planned to leave at 5:30pm but at 5:27pm I realised that I wasn’t going to be far enough into the analysis to pick it back up easily tomorrow, so I decided to stay until 6pm. Somewhere in the afternoon I also managed to pour some agar plates and plate out some samples to carry on with the project I mentioned yesterday.

I spent quite a long time cooking this evening, making fishcakes for my boyfriend and courgette fritters for me. To finish the evening we definitely haven’t just watched this amazing total wipeout compilation – if you’re in need of a smile this will do it 🙂 .

Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.

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