Thursday 06/08/2015

Today was a data day, a computer day, a sorting through things and organising what I still need to do day.

I arrived at 8am but my data didn’t come through until 9:30am so I spent that time clearing my inbox and doing general admin. I needed to arrange a meeting to discuss my second year report, I needed to send out reminders for next weeks lab meeting, all sorts of things, that aren’t very interesting, were done.

When my data did arrive there was a lot of it to process, so that’s what I spent my morning doing, all the way until lunch at 1:30pm. After a quick lunch (away from the desk) I came back and made graphs of this mornings data. Sometimes samples don’t run properly on the machine so I also made a list of all the samples that need re-processing. Some just need to be run on through the final step again, others need to be started from scratch. I decided to make a single unifying document that has all the samples and their results or where along the process they failed in it. Making this document stressed me out but I know overall it will help me out.

This afternoon I also made plans to go and collect some new samples next week. I discussed with the boss exactly what I need to do with them (I’ll be plating them after collection but he’ll be looking at them the next day as I go on holiday). This means I have a long list of media to make tomorrow ready for next week.

Finally I made lots of graphs and one big figure from this mornings data, one that unfortunately doesn’t give me conclusive answers, but does direct me towards more experiments that might. It’ll also be useful for my second year report where a strong focus on results (rather than a lit review) is required.

Between 5-6pm I finally got round to updating my Society of Biology CPD online. I need to do this to maintain my RSci status and with things like the Briliant Club and conference attendance it’s not too difficult to hit my 50 point target per year. I was a bit behind with my CPD record so it felt really good to get this one ticked off my “do-later” list.

So that’s today wrapped up, until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.


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