Wednesday 05/08/2015

Oh I floundered this morning! I arrived at 8:15am after a quick detour to grab a Starbucks and then us early arrivals basically sat chatting (mostly about science at least!) for about an hour! Whoops! In my defense I was waiting for an email reply to know whether I should set all those plates from yesterday up for analysis or if the machine was busy. In the end I went and set them up anyway. I had them in the freezer ready to go by 10:30am and luckily received an email to ok them. PHEW!

I then racked tips like my life depended on it. With all the 1ul pipetting I’m doing between plates at the moment I’m going through P2 tips like you wouldn’t believe. Basically this means lots of mindless lab prep to keep on top of things. From 11am until lunch at 1:30pm I worked at the computer. For some specific shared lab space I need to submit experimental plans for anything I intend to do between now and Christmas! Not always easy to do, but I’ve done my best. I also reviewed a document for the boss, offering suggestions and just doing general proof reading.

I had lunch away from my desk and by 2:30pm I was back and in the lab. My hospital colleague arrived but she’s now fairly autonomous with her sample plating so doesn’t need as much input, I’m there to answer questions but she’s quite happy to get on with her work now which is good. I managed to spend the afternoon extracting DNA from 30 samples. I used the 1hr incubation in the protocol to do a little more computer work (and have a little twitter break), and just managed to get all samples processed and away in the freezer by 5:10pm, why so precise? Because I had Pilates at 5:15pm which didn’t really leave me much time to get across campus! I hot-footed it over and was only a few minutes late.

After Pilates I went back to the lab and downloaded all the final assignments already submitted by my Brilliant Club students and stuck them in my DropBox folder for marking at the weekend. Today is deadline day and I’m very happy to say nearly all of the them have submitted their assignments hours before the deadline, I only have 3 still to submit and they have until midnight. Fingers crossed they do all submit because it’s really gutting when they don’t. The student I was most worried about not submitting has already submitted so we’re definitely on the right track for a full house 🙂 .

I left the lab at 7pm and arrived at the train station to find out my train had been cancelled, thanks Cross Country, I’ll just wait an hour for the next one shall I? Luckily my superstar boyfriend drove into Leicester to pick me up, I missed the start of the Great British Bake Off, but it was recording so no damage done in the end. After the train mess I didn’t get home until about 8:20pm so after fitting in GBBO and something to eat that’s the evening pretty much gone..

Tomorrow I should hopefully get a fat chunk of data so the morning at least will sat at the computer. Until then eeryone, thank you for reading.


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