Tuesday 04/08/2015

Full disclosure – I am 100% watching Cats Make You LOL while writing this (it’s amazing 🙂 ).

I arrived at the lab at 8:30am and it took me a good hour to really start doing anything productive (although I did check on my Master’s student – deadline 10am today!), but once I made it to the lab at about 9:30am I got a solid 2hours work done before I took a break. At 11:30am I decided I’d earned myself a little walk outside to grab a diet coke, I like my little walks. I normally take them between 11am-12pm, they’re only 5mins but they really help break up the morning. Back at my computer I got on with planning some work for the afternoon – it’s a necessity when you’re working with samples that aren’t guaranteed to work. You end up combining samples from one plate with samples from another to make a complete plate, it can get confusing it you don’t clearly mark it out.

At 12pm some people went for an early lunch – I decided to go with them and have a mini early lunch of onion rings (so unhealthy I know!). We were only gone about 30mins so I managed to fit in another 1hr of lab work before going for my actual lunch (I had specific plans) at 1:30pm when my friend was ready. I was back in the lab by about 2:15pm and started mashing together those 96 well plates. I had 3 plates on the go today. 2 of them were the samples that failed last week. This morning I ran through a few troubleshooting experiments and worked out the problem is very easy to solve which was a huge relief 🙂 . I was also running fresh analysis on the samples I extracted last Friday. Overall a very productive day that will hopefully fill in a lot of gaps in some data analysis 🙂 .

This afternoon the official announcement went out that I’m one of the panelists at the cP3 CDT Leeds PhD workshop in September. As I said last week, I’m excited but also really nervous. The event is open to any PhD student online so if you’re interested you can find all the information here. I’ll also try to blog more information about the event as it comes out.

I left the lab at 6pm and was home by 6:30pm, I cooked dinner (and some healthy lunches for the rest of the week). I had some other things I had to get done which meant I couldn’t make PubhD Leicester tonight which I was quite sad about – definitely next month!

Now it’s time to relax for the evening and I hope you can to 🙂 . Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.

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