Monday 03/08/2015

Today I didn’t arrive at the lab until 10am, we had family staying for the weekend so I caught the train to work after they’d left this morning. I definitely had Monday morning motivation, which means I had none. I started my day sorting through any weekend emails (pretty much ignored all work emails that arrived over the weekend, as well as twitter). I then reviewed some final assignment drafts for my Brillliant Club student’s, normally I wouldn’t do this in PhDing hours but their deadline is this Wednesday so I wanted to get them back to them ASAP.

That, along with a few other adminny bits, took me until about 11:30am, when I went for a little wander across campus to grab a diet coke. After that I basically obsessed about having to eventually write a thesis (sometimes I do this) until it was lunchtime. I did at least get something productive out of my obsessive procrastination which is that I looked up all the University guidelines for formatting and put them in a word document – in theory one less thing to procrastinate with when it actually comes to writing my thesis.

Between 1-2pm I had lunch (away from my desk) and popped for a coffee with a friend. When I came back I went to check on my Master’s student – his printing deadline is tomorrow – I was worried he’d be stressed but actually his mental state seems fine 🙂 . We talked about where to cut words and then I went and looked at his results. After this the boss rang for a quick catch up phone call. Eventually at about 3:30pm I dragged myself into the lab and worked there setting up PCR’s and plating some bugs for tomorrow until 5:30pm. After finishing in the lab I went to the gym so I got home at 7:30pm and made a pea and asparagus risotto for dinner. Now I’m going to try and do some more Master’s dissertation reading so wish me luck 🙂 . Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.


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