Thursday 30/07/2015

I know, I know, I’m a terrible daily blogger. I haven’t posted since Monday, but don’t worry I’ll give you a quick run down of Tuesday and Wednesday in this post.

Tuesday was a typical lab day, I set up experiments using strains from the freezer and also the one’s I plated on Monday (I also grew them in liquid media to make some stocks for the freezer). On Wednesday I used the plates from Tuesday to set up 144 single colony PCR’s (not including blanks) so it did take up a good chunk of my day. I also did some freezer re-organisation to free up some desperately needed space. At the moment I feel like a lot of my time is dedicated to doing things for other people…. I’m not complaining, we should all help each other out, I just feel like a lot of my to do list is currently filled with tasks for other people and that obviously has an impact on my productivity.

Wednesday was another lab day, I arrived at 8:30am and worked (mostly in the lab) until 5pm when I left to go to Pilates. As usual I popped back to the lab between 6:30-7pm as I had to wait for the train. I used this half hour really productively setting up some overnight PCR’s and finishing off a transformation that I timed around my Pilates class. When I do transformations there’s a 1.5hr incubation so I pop that in the incubator just before I leave at 5pm and take it back out for the final step at 6:30pm. I spent yesterday evening at home sorting through a ridiculous amount of paperwork and either sorting them into our new filing cabinet or shredding them if they didn’t need to be kept. A thrilling evening I’m sure you’ll agree.


So on to today. I arrived at the lab at 8am, did a little desk work and was in the lab by about 8:30ish. I made some agarose and then poured myself the biggest gel ever! It’s big enough to hold an entire 96 well plate, so 2/3 the PCR’s I set up yesterday would fit in a single gel. It took a while to load but was worth the effort. as I had 130/144 successful samples 🙂 . I spent my day processing these samples and had them ready and waiting in the freezer for the sequencing people by 4pm so half of them could be run overnight (with the remainder going on in the morning). Hopefully I’ll get the overnight plate data back first thing so I can make some graphs tomorrow. I had lunch about 1:30pm and popped out for a coffee with a friend after that. I was back in the lab by about 2:30pm so a decent lunch break today! I then spent some time helping out a colleague from the hospital, setting her up for her afternoon’s work. While I was in the lab my Master’s student dropped off a little gift of diet coke and chocolate as (in his words) fuel for reading through his dissertation over the next few days. Diet coke and chocolate are PERFECT, I think he knows my working style quite well 🙂 .

My giant gel - 96 samples in one :)
My giant gel – 96 samples in one 🙂

From 4pm I did desk work, first I wrote up my lab book and then I made some graphs from some data I got back at the end of last week. I was going to leave at 5:30pm but was on a role with the graph making so I stayed until 6pm. This evening I’m writing my post early so later on I can dedicate a little time to reading that dissertation, I have faith he’s done a good job so I don’t think it’s going to be a mammoth editing task. So that’s my evening, I hope you have a lovely time whatever you’re doing and thank you for reading.

P.s. today I felt like a duck, calm above the water but frantically paddling away below the surface. I like this little quote and I think it applies to my life 99% of the time ….


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