Monday 27/07/2015

Today was an admin day, I cleared my inbox, I analysed some data I didn’t get to last week, I wrote an abstract, I tweeted my latest University of Leicester blog post (thanks for the Twitter love 🙂 ), I helped my Master’s student (1 week until deadline day), I wrote up my last few supervisory meetings (university requirement) and sent some feedback to some of my Brilliant Club students. I just got stuff done that needed to be done.

After a BUSY, BUSY weekend (hen party! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) I was pretty exhausted today so I wasn’t at the lab at my normal time. Instead I arrived at 9am. Despite being tired I was actually pretty productive. I’d already assigned today as an admin day and had a nice to do list planned and ready to go. Sometimes I think it’s important to dedicate a little bit of time to all the admin that goes along with a PhD. If you save these jobs up and do them in one go you then can’t use them to procrastinate when you should be doing other things.

The one thing I did do in the lab today was plate some strains that were posted to me at the end of last week and arrived this morning. Now I have these I can go ahead and do the final experiment I need to get done for my second year report. Tomorrow will be back to the lab as I’ve got a lot to get done this week.

Because of the busy weekend I hadn’t had a chance to go food shopping so I finished work about 4:30pm and headed to the market so get some food in. After that I walked back towards work (and got soaked in the rain) to join everyone in the pub for a little socialising 🙂 . I stayed until 7pm when I got the train home to cook some dinner and relax for the evening.

So that brings you up to date, until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading

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