Thursday 23/07/2015

Today I arrived at 8:30am and I was in the lab by 9am. I had to make a load of media so I could get on with other lab work so that was my first job. After that was in the autoclave sterilising I sat down and wrote a blog for my University of Leicester page (this involved a little legitimate twitter time joining in the conversation about overworked scientists). I spent about an hour on that in the end, if you count all the minor interruptions that always happen when you’re working at your desk.

I needed to chat to the boss and he emailed to say he was back in his office at about 10:30am so I went and sat down with him for an hour going through some graphs I’d made and discussing how best to analyse all the data I’m about to have now that I’ve got my protocol working again. We put in a basic plan of action and agreed some decisions need to be left until after I’ve finished processing what we already have. Next week I plan to re-extract DNA from 120 samples, so it will be another week like last week, repetitive but it should generate a lot of data. We also spoke about a new up-coming project that I’m really excited about, there’s some work to be done in the next few weeks that will decide our direction with it. Tomorrow the boss leaves for conferences and will then spend the rest of the summer working from home in Italy, with my holidays booked in the only week he’s back in Leicester I won’t see him again until September, so it was really good to talk through everything before he goes. I feel like my lab work for the summer is pretty mapped out so that makes me feel really positive.

The rest of the morning was spent working out that some of the strains I want to work with are in fact not in our freezer (see yesterday’s post). Luckily they’re now being posted to me tomorrow and should arrive by Monday. I also put together slides for our lab meeting (including a table of the strains I’m using and why) which was shifted to today so we could squash in one more before the boss goes away. Between the meeting and resuspending the samples that were plated yesterday (60 of them in duplicate) that was my afternoon gone. Mundane things like resuspending samples for the freezer are necessary but always take longer than you think. After finishing in the lab just after 6pm I mapped out my jobs for next week (I’m off tomorrow) and started analysing the results that arrived in my inbox while we were in our meeting. I left the lab at 7pm and that’s me done for the week. Tomorrow I get the train to London for my friend’s hen do 🙂 . On the train I plan to get a little work done but otherwise that’s me done for the week. So I’m signing out until Monday, enjoy your weekend everyone and don’t work to hard 🙂 .


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