Monday 20/07/2015

Daily blogging at the moment is tough! We’re so busy doing things to the house I’m seriously lacking in spare time but here goes a quick recap:


Friday was pretty much the same as all the other days last week. I finished processing the last 31 samples (such an annoying number for a centrifuge!) in the morning, had a break for lunch and then 2-5:30pm we had our weekly meeting. Possibly our last one for a while as the boss goes away for most of August at the end of this week.

Over the weekend we worked on the house, we did A LOT of painting and also quite a lot of digging in the garden, but it’s totally worth it as it’s really starting to come together now 🙂 . No PhDing was done.


Today was a strange one, I definitely had Monday fatigue. Pair a busy weekend with a late night out having dinner with the boss and colleagues last night and you have the perfect recipe for a slow start on a Monday. I arrived at the lab at 9:30am, I had a few things I needed to do in town this morning (I was also late getting the train because for the first time ever I thought I’d lost my University ID badge – the panic was short lived as I found it in my other bag). I nabbed myself a Starbucks before heading to the office. I needed to put together some slides for a meeting at 12:30pm so I got on with that. Dragging out some old data to put with my new stuff to give a little update on one aspect of my work. It’s days like today where I’m truly grateful for our weekly lab meetings, I’m forced to put data into usable formats as I go along. That was pretty much my morning along with some pottering in the lab, setting a few bits up. I also showed a colleague how to use one of the robots we have downstairs (I’ve not used it for a while so I had to clear the cobwebs from my brain first) and generally spent a little time being social secretary. Someone’s leaving the lab at the end of this week and I’m in charge of the card etc.

The meeting I had lasted until about 1:30pm and then I had lunch (away from the desk) until about 2:15pm. With parts of our lab being fumigated at 4pm I decided to abandon lab work all together and focus on analysing some data on the computer and also planning the rest of my week.

Feeling exhausted I decided to head home at 5pm, a rare treat that I’m hoping to make a more frequent occurrence.

After cooking dinner my boyfriend and I spent the evening doing yet more painting! But finally our wardrobes are finished 🙂 maybe tomorrow evening we can have a night off.

Right that’s it, an early night for me! Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading.


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