Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 13-16/07/2015

I know, I know, I said I’d post again on Monday and it’s now Thursday. Whoops, life got away from me. My week’s been pretty repetitive, going something like this…


Arrived at the lab after lunch (my parents were here until lunchtime). I spent the afternoon in the lab, that problem I was having… I’ve finally nailed it 🙂 VICTORY! So it’s full steam ahead with sample prep now I can analyse them.

Prep samples -> Plate samples -> go home at 7pm 


Tuesday looked a little like Monday…

Count plates -> Prep more samples -> Plate samples -> Lunch at 1pm -> Prep more samples -> Plate samples -> go home at 7pm 


Wednesday looked a little like Monday and Tuesday …

Count plates -> Prep more samples -> Plate samples -> Lunch at 2pm -> Prep more samples -> Go to Pilates at 5pm -> Plate samples -> go home at 7pm 


Thursday looked a little like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday …

Count plates -> Extract DNA from 30 samples -> Lunch at 2:30pm -> Extract DNA from another 30 samples -> Go home at 7pm 

Like I said repetitive. 

Other things this week include; a lab meeting, sending a draft of my second year report to the boss (which has resulted in me having homework – ACTUAL HOMEWORK, I feel like a schoolchild! But it will probably be worthwhile), helping the boss with a poster and a lot of data collating for a meeting next week. Today I barely sat my bum down in the office and I have a feeling tomorrow morning will be the same (weekly meeting in the afternoon, that’s when my homework’s due).

Until tomorrow everyone, and thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 13-16/07/2015

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this post. My entire week has been like this. Reading. reading. reading… started to feel a bit like groundhog day…! Not very exciting to write about – or to read for that matter. I guess sometimes studying at this level is like that though, and its the overall prize (figuring it out!) that keeps you going.


    • These weeks definitely happen and o have a few lore coming up over the summer but I’m crossing my fingers they generate me lots of good data – that’s my reward 😊


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