Thursday 09/07/2015

Today was a lab day, I arrived at 9am (I know! Late for me, it was pre-planned as I have a really busy weekend coming up). I floundered a little at first as I’m not in tomorrow so couldn’t really do anything that requires follow up (like plating bacteria). In the end I settled on some more PCR troubleshooting. The key differences between when my protocol was working well and now is my DNA extraction method, so I decided to test several different stages of the protocol by substituting them with parts from my old, successful, protocol. After extracting the same sample in 4 slightly different ways I set up PCR’s and set them running.

So many protocols...
So many protocols…

Just before 1pm I went for lunch with a colleague who moved to a new lab after finishing her PhD and we had a lovely catch up over a nice long lunch 🙂 . I was back in the office by about 2:15pm and poured some agar plates for experiments next week. Then I spent the afternoon planning what I’ll do next week (so many ideas, I don’t know where to start!) and doing some actual reading! That’s right READING! My stack of papers to read (actual printed and the digital equivalent) is growing every week so I sat and read.

At 4:30pm I left work so I could get to the Leicester Market before heading home. Tonight my mum and dad arrive for the weekend, so I wanted to get some food in. They live in Jersey (and no they aren’t bankers or avoiding tax, they we born and raised there, as was I. It’s no different to being raised in London or anywhere else with a finance industry. I’m not defensive about this issue at all 😛 but feel free to ask me about Jersey, I love and miss my little island.) so this is the first time they get to come and see our new house 🙂 . This means I’ve booked a day of annual leave for tomorrow. I did toy with the idea of plating some things today and going in for an hour tomorrow but I’m not about spreading this myth that PhD students should take annual leave but work anyway. I’m up late getting some blog writing and Brilliant Club work done while I wait for them to arrive (evening flight into Gatwick means they’re still on the road).

So with a weekend of wardrobe building ahead (my dad’s a carpenter) I’m signing off until Monday. Enjoy your weekend everyone and thank you for reading.


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