Wednesday 08/07/2015

I arrived at the lab this morning just after 8am, my usual time, and I got on with lab work pretty much straight away. I made some fresh agarose to run the overnight PCR out and I made a load of media. I racked up tips (we need to sterilise the tips we use for our pipettes) and generally re-stocked my bench. I set up a second PCR based on the overnight one and ticked some pesky things off my to do list. Some time in the morning I sent out the finalised copy of the new lab meeting schedule, meaning I don’t have to deal with that headache again until January 🙂 .

I worked in the lab for most of the morning, with a few twitter breaks littered in there, still trying to solve my PCR related problem – still not fixed but I might’ve pinpointed the actual problem which means I can go about trying to fix it tomorrow. I left the lab at 12pm as I had to get to my Brilliant Club tutorial. I arrived just before 1pm, for what I thought was a 1:05pm start, only to find out on a Wednesday lessons are adjusted to accommodate an extra morning lesson. This means lunch is pushed back and afternoon lessons don’t start until 1:20pm (they’re also only 50mins not 1hr). So I was a little early but it gave me some extra set up time which is always welcome. Only having 50mins with each group of kids was less than ideal though, this is the final tutorial before they go and complete their final assignment and they were doing presentations of their research so far. Anyway I ended up having to dump an extra activity I’d planned, but that’s not the end of the world. They all had time to present and we did a little polite peer review so they could all get fresh ideas to develop their work further for the final assignment. For each student I took notes and I’ll be writing them up and sending them back to each of them so they can use the feedback to guide the next steps of their research.

I finished teaching at 3pm, and was on the bus back to campus by 3:30pm. Between 4-5pm I was in the lab although I’m not sure I can actually say what I did. At 5pm I toddled off to pilates and had a nice little workout. The class was packed today! It makes me appreciate the Saturday morning class which is much quieter. I did my usual back to the lab between 6:30-7pm where I ran a very swift gel (pre-poured in the 4-5pm gap) – to prove my PCR was still failing (don’t worry it is…). I was home by 7:30pm and my productive activity for the evening has been cleaning the house. A thrilling evening I’m sure you’ll agree. Tomorrow I have another relatively uninterrupted day to concentrate on lab work, so fingers crossed I can crack this PCR problem, until then everyone.

P.S. I agreed to speak at PubhD Leicester later on this year, another thing to add to my list of terrifying but probably good for me things.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 08/07/2015

  1. Hi! Impressed how disciplined you seem to be about getting to the lab early everyday and staying ‘long’ (my thoughts are usually pre-occupied with dinner after 5.30 or so…)
    Anyway, I am moving to Leicester soon and was wondering if you mind to share the date of the PubhD event? I once attended one in Nottingham and wouldn’t mind going to the Leicester one to meet some people etc. 🙂

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