Tuesday 07/07/2015

Today I should’ve done lab work, but I didn’t.

Don’t worry I didn’t waste a day, instead I spent it writing. I have a second year report to write and submit to my thesis committee before October. As I really wasn’t in the mood for lab work today and I actually wanted to write, I let myself write. Wanting to write is a rare feeling for me, but a few weeks of mental planning meant I could quickly and easily get a structure down for this short 2000 word report, so I ran with it. I didn’t over think it, I didn’t even pomodoro it, I just mapped out a structure and started populating it with words. I’m lucky that I have several of my figures ready and prepared as they went on my poster for the conference last month.

That’s what I spent my day doing, I managed 1008 words 🙂 , obviously there’ll be revisions as I go but it’s really good to know that a chunk of this is underway. I think writing when I felt a genuine desire to write made a huge difference to how I tackled it.

After deeming my day to be productive I left just after 4pm to go to the gym. At 5:30pm I was hit by *not having done any lab work* guilt and rather than heading straight home I went and set up a PCR to run overnight. Don’t worry I was still home by my normal time of 6:30pm. 

This evening I’ve done some Brilliant Club work – mostly homework marking (and caught up with the days tennis of course). Tomorrow I have tutorial number 5, the last one before the students go and write their final assignment. Before the tutorial I have a morning in the lab to keep me busy, so until then, thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 07/07/2015

  1. Missed several of these, glad to see things are going well and you got some writing done! I’m on holiday right now (be flattered you’re on the menu for my holiday reading!) but hoping to start my version of this when I get back home 🙂


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