Thursday 02/07/2015

Today I arrived at the lab at 8:30am and spent the morning doing a lot of different admin/computer based work. One of the conditions attached to some of the funding I received to attend the conference last week was that I needed to write a report about how I benefited from the experience. I also sat and discussed data with my Master’s student, he finishes in the lab this week (6months have flown by!). I can’t really tell you a lot more about my morning, it was fairly uninteresting, I did quite a few things but they are, quite literally, nothing to write about.

I had lunch about 1:15pm, and nearly had a heart attack when I thought we’d had a 1.5hr lunch (swiftly recovered when I realised we hadn’t it was just that the clock had stopped!).

I was back at my desk, after a quick trip out for a Starbucks frappuccino, at about 2pm. This afternoon I actually looked for a book in the library – well I didn’t physically go to the library but I searched the library online. The boss handed me a book (Lewin’s Genes XI) and said STUDY … arghh! I was hoping I could get an online copy of the single chapter I need but unfortunately not, I’ll just have to keep hold of the his copy for now. The demand to study was a direct result of a chat about the second year report I have to write. Before October I’m required to submitted a report of ~2000 words (a baby report compared to the one I had to submit last year to pass probation). As I’m slowly beginning to form distinct thesis chapters I’m aware I can’t write about all of them in 2000 words. So we quickly discussed which it would be better to write about and as a result I extended my reading list.

I also spent some time this afternoon putting some figures together. We have our lab meeting tomorrow and I generated but didn’t analyse a fair amount of data before leaving for the conference. That meant this afternoon involved the making of some graphs – I do love getting a good graph out of an experiment.

I left at 6pm to get the train home and I’ve spent this evening preparing for my Brilliant Club tutorial tomorrow morning. This was the one tutorial I hadn’t already fully planned so it needed a little more time than the others have. I’ve been gathering newspaper stories and WHO updates on Ebola to show the kids that even though the big headlines have gone away Ebola has not.

That’s all for today, fairly uninteresting but quite a lot of small things ticked off my to do list. Tomorrow I’m teaching in the morning and we have our meeting in the afternoon so I doubt I’ll get any lab work done, but don’t worry I have plenty planned for next week. Until tomorrow everyone, and thank you for reading 🙂 .

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