Wednesday 01/07/2015

Welcome to July, isn’t it lovely! 🙂

I arrived at the lab at 8am but once again didn’t really do anything until 9am, but I do have a reason today. Later today our lab are having a meeting (mandatory attendance unless otherwise agreed) to deal with some issues that over time invariably creep in. People not disposing of things in the correct way or restocking consumables when they’ve used the last, that kind of thing. I did however have permission to miss the meeting (technical seminar that clashed) so this morning I sat with our lovely technician and shared anything I thought it might be useful to bring up at the meeting, nothing ranty just things that are hopefully helpful to everyone.

9-10am I was busy but I don’t really know what I did, I do know that I didn’t touch twitter so it wasn’t that! I guess I just got little computer based jobs done.

10am-12:30pm Our genome sciences “theme” put on a session with some representatives from PacBio, a company with a new sequencing technology. The PacBio system is now fairy mainstream and within our lab we’ve already used it. I found it extremely useful getting the technical knowledge directly from someone who really knows what they’re talking about, and feel like this was time well spent.

We went for lunch just after 1pm and sat outside in the lovely sunshine.

After lunch I had to gather together some data for the boss, he’s giving a talk next week, so that took about 30mins as well as a quick trip to his office to explain how I’d processed the results. The rest of the afternoon involved a little lab work and putting together a new lab meeting rota (one of my little jobs around the lab). Accommodating everyone on this rota can be difficult and it will probably take a couple of attempts before everyone is happy. Between 4-5pm I sat and discussed data with a colleague, this is one of those important things to do that gives you ideas but unfortunately nothing solid to show for your time spent.

At 5pm I toddled off to pilates, I haven’t been since before going to Italy so it was good to get a workout in (that wasn’t too strenuous in the heat). I went back to the lab for half an hour at 6:30pm and sorted out some primers that I need to order so I can make a mutant. I left at 7pm to get the train home.

This evening I’ve cooked dinner, done loads in the garden (need to make the most of the weather while it’s here!), cleaned the house a bit and caught up on today’s events at Wimbledon. Once again we still have the doors to the garden open even now (it’s nearly midnight) and I feel like I’ve had a really productive work-free evening. Until tomorrow everyone, and thank you for reading.


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