Tuesday 30/06/2015

I’m going to open with what I forgot to tell you about yesterday! On the plane on my way back from Italy I read Iain Woodhouse’s 101 Top Tips for PhD Students. I got it as a free kindle download a few weeks ago (I have the kindle app on my iPad). It isn’t a long book, I had more than enough time in my ~2hour flight and as I read I added notes. The book was brilliant, it reassured me of somethings, gave me ideas for others and helped me make a few decisions. With the thesis playing on my mind a lot lately this was the perfect read. On to today…

I arrived at the lab at 8:15am but really didn’t do a lot until about 9am. I hate these mornings and I have to admit they’re usually linked to twitter…. Anyway by 9am I was doing some work, although it was another very non lab based day. Between 9-10:30am I prepared my expenses claims from the conference (which is something that always takes longer than you think it will!). I also checked up on some other admin. As a 2nd year PhD student I’m required to have a meeting with my supervisor every other month. For me this isn’t a problem – I see my supervisor most days so it’s just a case of typing up one of these meetings. In first year this was easy as I had to have a meeting every month, but now with it being every other month it’s harder to keep track and sometimes I have to check if I’ve actually written it up.

Between 10:30am-12pm I did quite a few little jobs. I sorted out some forms to request annual leave, printed a few last minute brilliant club homeworks and made myself a to do list for tomorrow so that I can get back on track with lab work. I also got an update from a colleague on some new data which gave us some new interesting results. Interesting is always good and I already have a task on tomorrows to do list relating to it.

At 12pm I left to get myself some lunch on the go and then headed to the bus stop so I could get to Brilliant Club tutorial number 3. Teaching kept me busy between 1-3pm and by 3:30pm I was on the bus back to town.Today I got to try out my Ebola articulate game for the first time and it did exactly what I’d hoped – it got my students practicing and becoming more confident with the vocabulary from the course. Words like antigen are pretty new to you when you’re in year 8 and with a second round of Ebola articulate coming up on Friday (with possible prizes for the pair with the fastest time to get through 6 definitions) I’m fairly sure they’ll be reading their glossary between now and then 🙂 .

Normally I’d go back to the lab after teaching but as I still hadn’t done a real food shop since we got back from Italy on Sunday that had to take priority. I stopped by the market in Leicester and then popped to the supermarket for anything else. Annoyingly I got to the train station about 15mins after the train had left, so had a 45min wait, oh well I sat and watched Wimbledon on my phone  🙂 . I managed to get home before the Andy Murray match finished so I could watch the end of it on the TV rather than my phone. I love Wimbledon, so does my boyfriend, for the 2 weeks of Wimbledon we get home and the tennis goes straight on. There’s no debate about what goes on the TV when Wimbledon’s on.

I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy some of this lovely weather today, I was lucky enough to have a 15min walk each way from the bus stop to the school where I was teaching. We still have the doors onto our garden open now, I would be very happy if this weather decided to stick around 🙂 . This evening, while sitting near the open doors, I’ve updated my Brilliant Club reflective diary and adjusted my lesson plan for Friday’s tutorial. That’s it for today, until tomorrow everyone.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 30/06/2015

  1. Iain Woodhouse’s book is a fantastic recommendation. I’ve passed it on to as many people I can think of and there’s already been a great response. Thank you for mentioning it!


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