Monday 29/06/2015

Ahhh a whole week off from blogging – that wasn’t my intention but it did feel good to switch off for a while 🙂 . I’ll start with a little rundown of the conference I was at:

Monday: I already told you about Monday, a long day but quite a few interesting talks. In the evening we drove to Pistoria for dinner which was lovely.

Tuesday: We started about about 8:30am I think and the day was filled with talks, coffee break, talks, lunch break, talks, coffee break, talks, poster session. Pretty much the standard format for a conference. I have to say the food at the conference was really good (we were in Italy 🙂 ). Tuesday’s poster session was the session my poster was in, so between 5:30-7:30pm I dutifully stood by my poster and shared my research with other interested conference attendees. The first person to visit my poster was the keynote speaker (I have read A LOT of his papers so it was a little surreal) ! Anyway, I wasn’t the only one in our group presenting a poster in this session so we were a little knackered by the end of it. This meant we stayed much closer to “home” for dinner, eating just around the corner from our hotel.

Wednesday: Early start, with a long (2.75hr session!) which my boss was chairing. Urgh no way around being there on time and being alert. I have to say I started to suffer a little conference fatigue that morning but by lunchtime I’d recovered fairly well. Wednesday evening my boyfriend arrived as we had plans to stay for a few days holiday.

Thursday: The final day of the conference was a half day and we wrapped up at lunchtime. My boss gave a talk in one of the final sessions and he got a lot of interested questions so I think our work went down well 😀 . By Thursday afternoon we were on the road, stopping off in Vinci for lunch on our way to our hotel in the Chianti region.

Friday – Sunday: We holidayed – no PhD work was done, we relaxed by the pool, visited a few cities/towns in our hire car and had lots of good food and wine. I completely switched off from being a PhD student – it was great to take a break 🙂 . We got home about 6pm on Sunday and managed to cobble together dinner from our Italian supplies (pici pasta, wine, pecorino cheese).

San Gimignano
San Gimignano
San Gimignano
San Gimignano




Monday: Crashing back to real life. It wasn’t actually that painful. I arrived at work at 8:30am, but my day was already planned out. We have a summer school running and I was involved in the set up and running of the afternoon’s activity. There was some morning prep and then I was busy in the teaching lab form 1-5pm. I didn’t get any lab work done, instead I spent the morning doing the obligatory email inbox clear out. 5-6pm I checked in with the boss, he has another conference next week and is taking some of my work so we had a quick catch up. This evening hasn’t been a lazy one, I’ve got a Brilliant Club tutorial tomorrow so I’ve been checking I have everything (once again giving me of the lesson planning past a massive pat on the back as everything is ready to go 🙂 ), adjusting my lesson plan and marking homework.

Plenty to be getting on with tomorrow so until then, thank you for reading 🙂


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