Friday 19/06/2015

Friday I had an early start, I mean really early. I got up at 5:50am …. This was because I wanted to fit in a trip to the gym and still be in the lab before 9am. This meant I had to get the 6:30am train. I was at the gym just after 7am and at the lab by 8:30am. This gave me enough time to prep some samples ready for collection at 9am, which means I can get the results the same day. After setting up my samples for analysis I spent some time counting plates I’d set up the day before with more accurate dilutions.

My next job was to check in for my flight on Sunday to the conference, and then I went to collect my poster 🙂 . Luckily I haven’t found any typo’s in it (yet…). Next up was checking bus times for getting to my Brilliant Club tutorial in the afternoon, I decided to be safe and get the 11:45am bus, which meant I needed to leave the lab at about 11:30am. The rest of my morning at the lab was spent trying to fit 3 laminated posters into one poster tube so we don’t get in trouble with RyanAir hand baggage allowances 😛 . I also shared all the information I could think of about the Brilliant Club with some other PhD students who might be interested in becoming tutors.

At 11:30am I left to go to my tutorial, and I arrived at 12:30pm, this meant I was a little early but better to be early than late. My lead teacher took me to the staff room and I had a chance to chat with some other teachers about the Brilliant Club and what I would be working on with the students. This is the first time the school has taken part in the BC so they were all really interested (which I think is fab!). I was teaching from 1-3pm and all my kids had done their homework which was a great start. We went over some information from tutorial 1 and then had a poster session where they had to read and interpret information on a virus and then teach the other students about their virus (there were 4 viruses to choose from, including MERS as I wanted to keep the information really up to date).

After my tutorials finished I hopped back on the bus to town and went shopping! I wasn’t finished at the lab for the day but this was the logical way round to do things, I needed some toiletries (and maybe a few new clothes) before going away at the weekend. After shopping in town I went back to the lab and worked until 7:30pm analysing the samples I sent off earlier in the day and writing up my lab book. I 100% had to get this done before going away for a week otherwise I’d be in a mess when I get back.

My boyfriend very kindly picked me up from work so I didn’t have to wait for the train, we came home and had some dinner before I promptly fell asleep on the sofa. In my defense I had an early start today.

So that’s what I did on Friday, some PhDing, some teaching and some travel planning. A really varied day. On Sunday I fly off to Italy for that conference which means my posts probably won’t be daily next week. I will however do a catch up towards the end of the conference, so until then everyone thank you for reading.

Temperatures in Italy are looking good :)
Temperatures in Italy are looking good 🙂

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