Tuesday 16/06/2015

Today I have frustratingly little to show for my efforts…

I arrived at the lab at 8am and got on with setting up some PCR’s first thing, after that I counted the plates from yesterday – I need to replate them as I plated the wrong dilution, good job I froze them just in case 🙂 . The me of yesterday was well prepared.

At 10am it was lab meeting time and this one ended up being quite long as someone was practicing a presentation they wanted feedback on rather than just presenting their work. We finished about 11:15am. This was where my day started to unravel. I’ve already sent my poster for the Italy conference off for printing but this morning I sent a copy to someone else in my lab, who’s also going (and taking a poster), as we wanted to make sure we weren’t duplicating information. He opened it up and the line “I’m not sure I should tell you this but….(never a good start) ….the poster boards are landscape”. No words – I spent Saturday and yesterday perfecting this thing – it was so beautifully aligned and it flowed so well. I almost wish I hadn’t known until it was too late to do anything about it, then I would’ve just had let it go. Fortunately I’m not alone, someone else has made the same mistake… we’re in this together.

Initially we decided we’d leave it, just take portrait posters as they are only about 20cm taller than the boards, but I just couldn’t leave it. I spoke to the boss and he agreed it needed fixing. I always look at the posters people make that don’t fit the poster boards and think “why did you just read the measurements, conferences always tell you the size of the boards”, I couldn’t face being one of them. I spent the rest of the day reworking my poster to landscape. I nearly gave up at several points – it’s not as easy as it should be, especially when I was so happy with the portrait one. I have a specific element that can’t be changed in size (as there’s a pre-printed interactive part that goes with it) which definitely makes it more difficult, but I persisted and by about 5:30pm I had something I could send off for printing again. Unfortunately there isn’t officially enough time to get it printed (3 working days minimum), but I sent a grovelling email to the print services team telling them how amazing they are and that I’m already in the queue could they please trade the portrait one for this landscape one, pretty please … I’ll let you know what they say tomorrow.

5:30-6:30pm I actually got some lab work done, although no where near what I’d planned due to poster-gate. Working until a silly time wasn’t going to give me back the day so at 6:30pm I left the office and went to the gym, where I discovered I’d left my trainers at home…Gym abandoned, 7:15pm train home.

That kind of sums up the day, good intentions all round but not a lot to show for it. At least the poster’s sorted, and I won’t be one of the people who has a poster that doesn’t fit the boards, even if I end up having to get it printed in town (1hr turn around, yes please!).

Tomorrow is another day, an exciting one actually – I have the launch trip for my Summer placement with the Brilliant Club. Time to meet a new group of kids and hopefully teach them something new in an exciting and different way :). My course is all prepped and ready and I’ve already chosen my smart “teaching” outfit for the day. I love these trips so I know tomorrow will be a great day – check back to find out what it’s like to be a Brilliant Club tutor, until then everyone and thanks for reading :).


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