Monday 15/06/2015

I thought I’d start with a little weekend recap – to sum it up I worked all weekend. My boyfriend was away and I had a lot to do, Brilliant Club tutorials start again this week (Wednesday) and I’m heading to Italy in a week for a conference… actually less than a week now eeeek! Saturday morning I went to Pilates (all about that self care 🙂 ), and then to the lab at about 10am. I worked through until about 7pm, don’t worry I did break for lunch. I didn’t plan to work so late but I was on a roll. I managed to get the public engagement poster finished and I also made my poster for the conference in Italy. By the end of Saturday I’d sent them to the boss for helpful comments.

Sunday I spent the morning catching up on life, food shopping, cleaning the house – the things normal people do. After an early lunch I was at the office by 1pm. I had some plates to check from Saturday so I got the lab work out of the way first and then did a few poster edits based on feedback. After that I dedicated myself to Brilliant club lesson planning. I worked at the office until 5ish and then called it a day so I could be home before my boyfriend. After making us some dinner I went back to the lesson planning. When I eventually called it a night (not sure what time) I had 4.5/5 tutorials fully planned out and all resources prepped and ready 🙂 🙂 :).

It was a busy weekend but I achieved a lot and by the end I felt fairly on top of things. Please don’t think I do this every weekend, I definitely don’t, but the next few weeks are busy and sometimes you just have to work a weekend to keep on top of it all.

So on to Monday. I spent this morning doing final poster edits and had a meeting with the boss about an experiment we started planning on Friday and continued planning by email over the weekend. I spent most of the morning at my computer, while popping in and out of the lab to make vast quantities of media (bacteria food) for said experiment. Another job on the to do list was to look at the posters of a friend who’s also going to the conference in Italy and doing the public engagement event. We traded posters and gave each other feedback – his were really good :). At 1pm I popped off for 45mins of Pilates (I can’t make my normal class on Wed) and when I came back I had my lunch (away from my desk 🙂 ).

By 2:30pm I was in the lab and spent my afternoon plating, diluting, washing, plating, diluting… you get the picture. I worked solidly in the lab – no phone, no email – until 5:45pm, which just left me with enough time to check those unread emails before leaving at 6pm. 

Tonight I’m shattered and in all honesty I didn’t want to cook, but I did. I also had a Pimms :). After working the weekend I’ve given myself a much needed evening off. Until tomorrow everyone, and thank you for reading.


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