Friday 12/06/2015

Today’s been a bit of a strange one. I got my normal train at 7:30am but went to the gym rather than the lab. After a good workout I was in the lab by 9:30am, but got a text to say I had a delivery arriving between 10:30-11:30am, I’d already delayed it until today hoping it would be delivered in the afternoon when my boyfriend would be home from work. Sadly not. The neighbour’s have had to sign for a lot of post recently and I feel bad so I popped home to wait for the delivery.

Fear not I brought some work back with me, my sequencing ran overnight so I grabbed that off my computer. I have the software to analyse it at home so that seemed like a good use of the time. Ironically I did this while sending out a tweet that I hardly ever work from home, make of that what you will…

My delivery arrived within its one hour window (great service from Interlink I have to say) so I could get the 11:30am train back to work and was back at my desk by 12pm. I worked through analysing data from 12-2pm as well as putting together some slides for our meeting this afternoon.

At 2pm we started our weekly meeting (I brought my lunch with me as I hadn’t had time to have it before) and we wrapped up just after 5pm. One outcome of our meeting is that I have a little “studying” to do, I really need to get to grips with a particular molecular mechanism so I did a quick literature search for reviews that would help me out. I selected, saved and printed (I prefer to read on paper as I can scribble notes more easily, I promise to eventually recycle them) 4 papers. It was a little too late to catch the train just before 6pm so I hung around and chatted with people until it was time the catch the next one (only half an hour wait at this time of day).

My boyfriend’s just left for London so I have a fun filled weekend of work planned! Plates to check and posters to finish tomorrow and Brilliant Club lesson planning to finish. Now it’s time for me to crack on with reading these reviews for a few hours about hopefully learn a little something.

Until Monday everyone, and thank you for reading 🙂

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