Thursday 11/06/2015

Today’s been a good day, a really good day 🙂

I’ve barely touched social media, and I’ve been so productive, I hope that doesn’t mean I have to give up Twitter…

I started half an hour later than normal at 8:30am (the perks of academia are that if you have a bad nights sleep you can sleep in for an extra 30mins), and I’ve managed a really solid amount of lab work done as well as all the computer based analysis I had waiting for me this morning. Work the gives me good figures is so motivational :). I ordered some primers and finally did some analysis that I’ve been putting off (for no reason other than I was unsure about it, I really shouldn’t do this, it was easy in the end!).

We had a lovely lunch outside enjoying the sunshine (and getting an ice cream from the park) between 12:30-1:15pm. 

The only thing I haven’t done today is finish that poster. I know, I know, I said I was GOING TO GET IT DONE, but I’m ok with not having done it. I haven’t put it off, I just ran out of time. After a really productive day I left to go home at 6pm, I think it’s important to stop when you’re on a high sometimes. I left work with an up to date lab book, an emptier inbox, and a plan for tomorrow in place.

My biggest triumph of the day – I finally managed to get a really troublesome transformation to work. I’ve been stuck on this for weeks and finally this morning I checked my plates and SUCCESS 🙂 . It was a great start to the morning and really set me up for a positive day.

This evening my boyfriend and I finally booked our hotel for when we’re in Italy in a few weeks time (I’m there for a conference and he’s flying out at the end so we can stay for the weekend).

Fingers crossed today’s productivity carries through to tomorrow, until then, and thank you for reading.


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