Wednesday 10/06/2015

I arrived at my desk this morning and it was straight to the lab, I had PCR reagents out to defrost by 8:08am. I set those plates up at 8pm last night so today I needed to get a move on to keep those as close to 12 hours as I could. They were all set up and running by 8:40am so I counted the repeats plates from yesterday and immediately wrote everything into my lab book (got to keep on top of it after yesterday’s mammoth writing up session!).

9:15-9:35am was inbox checking time, I dealt with any quick requests and sorted a few bits out. At 9:35am I got an email confirmation that I could leave samples for analysis today so I went back into the lab to finish prepping those. In my morning email check I’d answered a request from the boss, he was having a problem with some files I sent, so after my plate was happily waiting in the freezer for collection, I toddled off to his office to see what the problem was. It wasn’t a huge thing so it was easy to fix :).

I came back to my computer and that’s when I discovered the Tim Hunt story and couldn’t do anymore work as I was crying and busy falling in love with every man in the vicinity …

But enough of that for now, well not really, I got lost in the Tim Hunt thing for a little while on Twitter as I was just beyond astounded that anyone today could think that way.

Ok 10:30am and it’s time to get back on track, I decided to start something I’ve been putting off for way too long. Next month I’m presenting at the University of Leicester’s Festival of Post-Graduate Research and I need to make a poster for a non-specialist audience on my research. This is a totally different experience from other posters. I’d put it off because I can’t use many graphs and any images I use have to be my own or from copy-right friendly sources, this makes searching for what I need more difficult. The poster needs to be ready by Monday so I really couldn’t put it off any longer. I spent about 3hrs working on sourcing images and a general poster layout which I now think I’ve got down.

I had lunch at 1:30pm (away from the desk), and then at 2pm it was time for some more Post-Grad seminars. There were ALOT. Seminars ran until just before 4:30pm – although we did get a 15min break in the middle, but this essentially took up my whole afternoon. Between 4:30-5pm I worked on the poster some more and then it was time to go to Pilates. 

After a relaxing 60min Pilates class I popped back to the lab as the class finishes at an awkward time for the train (I was back at my desk for about 30mins). I worked on the poster some more – and it’s still not done, so much faffing about with images! Tomorrow I WILL finish it, I’m applying the “it only takes as long as you let it” approach to this one. If I give myself until Monday it will take until Monday, if I decide it has to be finished tomorrow than it will be finished tomorrow.

I was home by just after 7:30pm, my train was a little delayed but I came home to the amazing surprise of my boyfriend cooking dinner! Unexpected and very appreciated. In return I did the dishes, fair is fair. I used to time he was cooking to catch up on Twitter and found a great article on the Tim Hunt saga by one of my undergraduate lecturers Dr Ruth Massey from the University of Bath. I know she won’t remember me but I remember her as, not only was she a great lecturer in my final year but, she was also the second marker on my final year project (dissertation) all the way back in 2011 😛 .

So that’s it for today, a fairly productive day and I have some more results to analyse tomorrow (as well as a poster to finish!). As always, thank you for reading 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 10/06/2015

  1. The Tim Hunt story is just so… I want to say ridiculous, but I don’t even think that covers it. However, while it has angered me, I have seen some great articles and tweets in response to the story! It’s wonderful to see the amount of people who are making a stand against the kind of stereotypes he is suggesting.

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  2. I’m not a scientist (strictly humanities – now doesn’t THAT sound like a great TV show?) but I have to admit the whole thing has been amazing to watch. I did read an interesting article in the Guardian this morning, with Hunt and his wife. She, apparently, defines herself as a feminist (and is a professor at the same uni). Seems there are questions around the handling of this by their Institution, that he may well have grounds for unfair dismissal because he was never given an opportunity to put his side of the story. Foolish, yes, *incredibly* foolish, I don’t think anyone disputes that, but maliciously so? I doubt it somehow.

    However, as you said, its brought the issue to the attention of the mainstream media and with other programmes like the He for She movement … it has the potential to become a tipping point, I think. Most interesting to watch!


  3. I’ve read that piece in the Guardian as well and it did give me a different perspective. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing now – I do feel bad for him but at the same time the mindset he displayed was exceptionally out of date. I can see why UCL acted to distance themselves but it does make you think twice when you see the human side. However you look at it, we all (men and women) display unconscious bias and Tim Hunt seems to have unintentionally started a movement to make it seen.


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