Monday 08/06/2015

I arrived at my desk a little later than normal, just after 8am (I had some train tickets to collect at the station so that slowed me down a little and I also decided to treat myself to a Starbucks). I spent the morning in and out of the lab and got going with things fairly quickly, by 9am the autoclave was on and my media was sterilising away. Between and 9:30am I updated my blog from the weekend.

Normally I write down little notes throughout the day to remind me what I’ve done but today I didn’t, part of me wanted to see how much I could remember, the other part just wanted to see if I could get away with it. Turns out I can’t and even though I was busy in the lab and at my computer all morning I can’t really tell you what I did between about 10am-12pm. I definitely sent some emails to check it was ok to drop some samples off for analysis by our internal sequencing service, but that definitely didn’t take 2hours .I also dedicated a little bit of time to writing a case study for the Brilliant Club.

I know at 12pm I was back in the lab and set up a restriction digest that I knew would take 2.5hours from start to finish, so I thought it was best to get this on before lunch.

I had my lunch between 1:30-2pm, I ate at my desk and watched Emma Cole’s 30 days to thesis submission vlogs on youtube – I’m already in love with her dog, and feel invested in her story. I know the last few weeks of thesis writing must be outrageously stressful but at the same time I’m jealous, I almost wish I could fast forward and be there as well.

Between 2-3pm I poured quite a few plates (~80) for plating my experiment from last week, and when my digests were finished I set them up for their sequencing and went and dropped them off in the freezer. From 3pm I dedicated a little time to my Master’s student, we went to look at some of his results with the boss (~20mins) and then rather than tell him how best to analyse them I sat down with him for about 45mins and showed him how. I’m trying to instill a few principles in my life and they include going beyond what people expect of you. When I don’t know something I always try and figure it out myself before asking someone else but sometimes I wish someone would show me rather than tell me.

At ~4pm I gathered my first round of samples out of the freezer and went about serially diluting them while their agar plates dried (when plating bacteria it’s quite important to have dry plates so the bacteria don’t smear across the plate). I plated a wide range of dilutions for each sample, it means a little more work today but it’s better in the long run as I don’t need to keep freeze-thawing the samples if I chose the wrong dilution range first time round.

Between 5-5:30pm I set up some experiments to run overnight and at 5:33pm I was on my way to the train station. Why so precise? I know because that’s the latest I can leave to get that particular train home – it was a quick walk but I made it. Normally I work until 6pm but today we went to look at sofa-beds (part of the on-going home improvements) so I nipped off a little early. Having a defined end point to my day definitely made me focus for those last few hours to make sure I got everything done I planned to.

Until tomorrow, and thank you for reading 🙂


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