Thursday 04/06/2015

This morning I arrived at the lab at 8am, I had 1.5hrs before heading off to work on an experiment with a colleague so my time was strictly limited. This meant that I was in the lab by 8:20am and my 12hr experiment came out of the incubator at 8:45am. I set that up along with a few other things (and took out the other experiments that ran over night), before doing the final prep for my experiment this morning. I was meant to be in the other lab at 9:30am, I was running a little behind but made it there by 9:45am – I hate being late (I think it’s rude) so there definitely won’t be a repeat when we meet tomorrow for part 2. We worked on this project until 12pm so that was my morning filled.

I didn’t really have time to properly get on with anything else in the lab before lunch, so I decided to spend the time writing a new post for my University of Leicester blog. That’ll be posted tomorrow so I won’t spoil the surprise for you 😉 . It ended up being nearly 2pm before we went for lunch so I did actually fit a bit of lab work in. We sat outside and enjoyed the lovely weather for half an hour and may have popped to the park for an ice cream 🙂 .

Between about 2:45pm and 6:30pm I split my time between my computer and the lab. I got some sequencing back today so that needed checking and aligning, while also starting to make the file the boss requested yesterday (I didn’t get very far) and getting some lab work done. Luckily all the lab work was fairly set up and leave it type work (cells with a 1.5hr incubation, running an agarose gel for 45mins) so I was able to multitask. Oh somewhere in here I also managed to sit down with my Master’s student and talk him through a few things so that he’s happy with everything he’s currently working on.

6:30-7pm was spent talking to the boss, I had some results I wanted to show him – one success, one failure and we made a plan of action based on these. Tomorrow is essentially blocked out already with finishing up the experiment I started today so I’ll be getting on with this on Monday. As I left his office I suddenly realised the time (7:01pm) and made a mad dash for the train (the perils of only one train per hour), don’t worry I made it.

I was home by 7:30pm, and by 8:30pm we’d eaten dinner (sausages, jersey royals and spring veg with a mustard dressing). So once again not a lot of the evening left! We’re away tomorrow so I’ve been packing, baking a cake and also tackling my mammoth ironing pile (yes I’m aware I’m a bit of an old person!), getting on top of household jobs makes me feel more in control of life in general which is something I’ve definitely needed this week. The cake wasn’t just on a whim, there’s a departmental party tomorrow afternoon and I volunteered to bake a cake a while ago – commitment upheld.

So that just about sums up Thursday, tomorrow will be a busy one, especially in the morning, and I’m out for dinner in the evening so Friday’s post will mostly likely be on Saturday morning – although there’s every chance you might be subjected to a post fueled by wine late on Friday…. So until then everyone, and thank you for reading :).


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