Wednesday 03/06/2015

I want to start this post by saying Twitter you guys are so nice 🙂 you’ve massively lifted my mood – THANK YOU!

I arrived at my desk at 8am this morning and decided to start my day by finishing my Young Microbiologist abstract. A very kind colleague agreed to have a look at it yesterday, and emailed it back last night, so this morning I sat down and did a little editing based on his suggestions. Then I did the previously promised motivational desktop background update.

By the time I’d faffed about on my computer a little it was 9am so I decided to head into the lab and made a strong start on my to do list for the day. I got several different PCR’s and cultures set up and started preparing everything I need for a big experiment starting tomorrow. This was good, being away from email meant I was away from the demands of anyone other than my own to do list – I feel like this morning was definitely productive. I stayed in the lab until about 11am when I rewarded myself with a twitter break and a piece of cake 🙂 . I did lose a little bit of time to twitter but some lovely comments were lifting my mood considerably so I feel like it was time well spent. I got on with some general admin and paperwork for tomorrows experiment while waiting for my friends to be ready for lunch (this ended up being really late again! 2pm). 

We sat outside for lunch which was nice (and not as cold as you’d expect) and I was back inside by 2:30pm. After lunch I ran this mornings PCR’s on gels (one success, one failure – so not too bad a result) and was kept busy by lab work until about 4:30pm. By this point I’d had two email requests from the boss – one about transformations I’m struggling with which is easy to deal with, and one a more time consuming bioinformatics job. I actually had a lab problem I wanted to discuss with him so off I toddled to his office with an agarose gel picture in hand. Unfortunately the next step forward is repeating the PCR with brand new everything – this is easier send than done with these experiments but I did manage to get it done today. While there I asked about the bioinformatics request as I didn’t really feel like I knew what he actually wanted me to do. I left feeling overwhelmed but with a slightly better idea.

I left the lab at 5pm for my pilates class and then stayed at the gym to do a treadmill run (I didn’t manage a gym trip yesterday). After a shower I arrived back in the lab at 7:30pm and stayed until 9pm. In that time I set up the easier said than done experiments to run overnight, set up the next step of a protocol (also to run overnight) and set up some more of those pesky 12 hour incubation experiments – tomorrow morning will be busy! After all this I was home by 9:30pm, my boyfriend got home from the gym just after me so I made us both some scrambled eggs (as dinner for me and a snack for him). So that hasn’t really left a lot of the day.

Overall my day has been productive although it could’ve been better. My supervisor’s sensed my recent mood and sent me a little email of encouragement that I think I should share…

Life is not Linear (image via my supervisor via google images no copy right infringement intended)
His words were “Life is not Linear” (image via my supervisor via google images no copy right infringement intended)

Until tomorrow everyone, thank you for reading 🙂


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