Monday 01/06/2015

It’s June! How did that happen? Anyway here’s Monday’s post…

I arrived at work at 8:30am and by 9am I was starting my first Pomodoro, I had an office morning planned. I blocked out 4 pomodoro’s to complete my reviews for The Scholar (the Brilliant Club journal) one pomodoro per article, with a 5 minute break between each one. It worked brilliantly, 4 pomodoro’s later I was emailing the reviews off to Tom at the Brilliant Club.  Time for a slightly longer break. 

That break meant I floundered for a bit until I went for a 10 minute walk at around 12pm, when I came back I was a bit more focused so I sorted out my inbox (and actually cleared some nagging jobs) and got some general admin out of the way before lunch at about 1:15pm. 

1:45-2:30pm – I spent a pomodoro making a file for my boss (email request today, so it felt good to tick it straight off the list rather than have it sit in my inbox), and sent it to him with instructions. Of course I got an immediate email reply with (and I quote) “doesn’t work :(” so off I went to fix it. Easily solved, happy boss :), a strong start to the afternoon, although somehow it’s now 2:30pm.

Ahhh it’s 2:30pm and I planned to make Lab meeting slides between lunch and a meeting at 3pm… I don’t think 30mins is long enough! oh well 1 pomodoro will at least get me started. At 3pm it was back to the bosses office, I’m currently supervising a Master’s student in the lab and he finishes in about a month, so we sat down and made a realistic plan of what experiments he can get down before then, while still keeping some time to write things up. I think everyone’s happy with the plan we came up. It was a very well spent 1.5hrs but by the time I got back to my computer it was 4:40pm and I didn’t have much of the day left!

Between 4:40pm and hometime (6pm) I managed to get my lab meeting slides pretty much done (minus a few finishing touches that I’ll do in the morning). It’s times like this that I’m really grateful for our weekly team meetings, I essentially had everything prepared in PowerPoint already and just had to put them together with a logical structure, FAB! 🙂

I’ve had a lovely relaxing evening at home, I did email my lab meeting to myself in case I felt like working on it tonight but I think I have more than enough time in the morning so decided to leave it.

So that’s Monday, a productive start to the week even if I didn’t actually set foot in the lab (whoops…) until tomorrow everyone, and thank you for reading 🙂


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