30-31/05/2015 – The weekend :)

I had a fairly leisurely weekend, a little PhD but mainly nice non-PhD things.


I got up early for my now usual Saturday morning Pilates class at 9am. A lovely start to the day as always :), feeling refreshed and awake I left the gym and came straight to the lab. My previously mentioned 11hr experiments were due out of the incubator at 11am so I had 45mins to catch up on the others things I needed to do (resuspend some cells, etc. etc. etc.) nothing too strenuous for a Saturday morning. After I took my cells out at 11am I added glycerol so I could store them in the -80°C freezer. I stayed at the lab until just after midday as my lab book needed writing up (I’m not a person to leave it months, normally only a few days) and it was stressing me out, so I think it was a good use of my time.

I was home by about 12:30pm and did a quick tidy up around the house before leaving to pick my friend up from the train station. We went and had a pub lunch and then got the train into Leicester (yes I know I’d already been there once) to do a little shopping. We just relaxed and caught up and did the things that people who aren’t doing a PhD do every weekend (she isn’t doing a PhD) and it was lovely. I dropped her back to the train station about 8:30pm and headed home for the evening.

Pub lunch with a view :)
Pub lunch with a view 🙂


After a late night on Friday and a busy Saturday, Sunday was a day for a lie in :). After a lazy start to the day I planned out some dinners for the week and toddled off to the farm shop and then the supermarket – thoroughly un-interesting to read about I’m sure! The interesting thing here I guess is that I do plan these things, some people hate this approach and think it’s boring but for me it makes healthy dinners much less stressful. I spent my afternoon doing a little planting in the garden (runner beans, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, leeks and butternut squash are now all either in seed trays or my raised beds). My evening was spent cooking a Sunday Roast, cooking some lunch for the week (yep I batch prepare healthy lunches – this weeks choice BBC Good Food Ultimate veggie burgers 🙂 ) and watching the Britain’s Got Talent final. Zero PhDing happened, which for me isn’t a problem.

Ideally I should have finished doing some reviews for The Brilliant Club, they publish a Journal of outstanding student work called The Scholar and I’m a reviewer. My deadline is Monday 1st June so I have to get on with them first thing in the morning (pomodoro time!).

Hopefully not too boring a weekend round up for you, back to full PhD mode on Monday.


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