Wednesday 27/05/2015

Today was thoroughly unproductive :(.

I arrived at the lab by 8:30 but spent until 9:25 trying to clear my inbox, I read emails when I’m not at work but I tend to leave anything non-urgent to be dealt with when I’m back at my desk. I did have big plans – I had a lot of samples to run on agarose gels, but we’d run out of our master stock of TAE (the stuff that we use to make agarose gels and the buffer to run them in). NIGHTMARE! Eventually by about midday we had buffer again so I made some agarose before lunch and let it cool down while I went off to eat (the first sensible decision I made today).

It’s the worst thing when something gets in the way of what you plan to do, it left me feeling kind of stuck. I sat at my computer not being able to get myself up, repeatedly checking twitter etc. rather than actually doing anything. I hate that feeling, but no matter how hard I try sometimes I get stuck in that place, where I want to go and work, do things, get results, but for some reason I just can’t. I did at least manage to force myself to dig out an old protocol that I need, I’d been putting it off because I haven’t used it for ages so I’m not 100% sure of what I’m doing (another feeling I really really hate!). Now I have that hopefully I can knock a few lingering things off my on-going to do list. A bit of planning needs to go into what I’m doing so at least I did that leaving me with no excuse but to get on with it tomorrow.

After lunch I resolved to be productive, as soon as I’d eaten I went and poured my gels so I could get started on what I actually planned to do today and then discovered there were 3rd year PhD seminars at 2pm that I’d forgotten about! Clearly failing in all area’s today 😦 , I’m normally good at putting these things in my calendar but this one managed to sneak past me. The seminars were actually really good, sometimes we’re all less than enthusiastic about PhD seminars (we’re required to attend), but the 4 speakers were all clear, fairly concise and interesting. It was however 4pm before the seminars were finished… crap, where had my day gone?! I had to leave at 5pm for pilates. In that hour I manage to load several gels (a 96 well plates’ worth) and decided to make a solid plan for tomorrow with timings to try and keep me on track! Nothing planned for tomorrow is dependent on today so hopefully I won’t have a repeat of this morning. I left my gel running on a low voltage while I went off to pilates and checked it when I came back. The results were less than inspiring, and a lot of them have to be repeated (glad I spent Saturday on them, but that’s science). On the plus side my pilates class was good and I’m glad I didn’t skip it even though I hadn’t done everything I wanted to.

Before heading home at 7pm I managed to finish planning my day for tomorrow and print out a few papers I need to find the time to read.

I apologise for the negative post, unfortunately these days happen when you’re doing a PhD (or just in life?), but tomorrow is a new day and fingers crossed it will be a more productive one! Once again thank you for reading 🙂

P.S. I didn’t want to finish my day feeling like I’d achieved nothing, so after dinner I planted up some more vegetable seeds for my garden and now feel much happier 🙂


One thought on “Wednesday 27/05/2015

  1. No need to apologise for a negative day! If it’s any consolation, you seem to have a far better grasp on lab life than me at the moment (maybe some imposter syndrome creeping in)! Loving the honest posts, keep it up 🙂

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