Tuesday 26/05/2015

Is it horribly depressing or wonderfully dedicated that I used a day of annual leave to do my lesson planning for my summer placement with the Brilliant Club? Either way I have been pomodoro-ing my backside off today! 6 down by 15:15 – 4 in the morning and another 2 after lunch (lunch was quite late).

As I said yesterday teaching with the Brilliant Club is time consuming (but 100% worth it!) so I do a lot of advanced planning so make it more manageable on the weeks where I’m actually teaching. So how did I go about my “day off”…

I got up at my normal time, so I could have the car (just in case I needed it) I got up at my normal time and dropped my boyfriend off at work. This meant I had no choice but to be up, dressed and ready to start working early in the day. I spend a lot of the morning working at my desk in the spare bedroom, but I feel like I have very little to show for it … that’s depressing. It’s not that I wasn’t doing things, they just weren’t things that gave me something tangible, which can be frustrating. Unfortunately a lot of non-tangible prep goes into making lesson plans but I know once I’ve done it all they will come together quickly.

A game of virus/Ebola articulate anyone?
A game of Ebola articulate anyone? This is the one tangible product of my morning, and I’m quite proud – I think my efforts have paid off here 🙂

This afternoon was definitely more productive, I left my desk and came to work downstairs in the front room while I was waiting for a delivery (the perils of a broken doorbell). The change of scenery definitely did the trick (or all the morning prep began to pay off?) and I got two complete lesson plans out of my afternoon. Dropping my boyfriend off at work also had the added bonus of having to go and pick him up again which gave me a defined end point to my day.

Overall my day’s been well spent, even if I don’t have that much to show for it just yet. I carried on with a little bit more Brilliant Club work after dinner but nothing to mentally taxing. Tomorrow is back to real PhD life and I’ve got plenty to get on with. Until then everyone… (and of course thank you for reading) 🙂


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