Monday 25/05/2015 (Bank holiday)

I had plans to get some work done this Bank holiday evening, not directly PhD work but PhDish work. I mentioned the other day I’m a PhD tutor with the Brilliant Club, and I have an upcoming summer placement teaching Key Stage 3 (KS3) pupils. I planned to get on with some of my lesson planning (I have grand plans to make a game of articulate based on Ebola and viruses), but life got in the way. That’s just the way it is sometimes, my best friend needed me more than work and she comes first. We had a good catch up and I couldn’t have spent my evening in a better way.

I think I’m going to roll weekends/Bank holidays into single posts so I don’t bore you guys senseless with days off! Weirdly I have a day of annual leave tomorrow. My parents were meant to visit this coming weekend (arriving Thursday) so I took the whole week off (I KNOW!), but we had to cancel the trip as my dad couldn’t get the time off work in the end. I cancelled the holiday but decided to keep the Tuesday so I could finish all my Brilliant Club prep. I love teaching but it’s a huge time commitment so doing all the planning in advance really makes a difference. So while I do have a day of annual leave I most definitely don’t have a real “day off”, I’ll be getting up normal time and cracking on with lots of work, probably using pomodoros to focus my time.

Anyway I hope you can see that days don’t always go to plan but that’s ok! We just get back on track the next day šŸ™‚

Until tomorrow everyone, and as always a huge thank you for reading.


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