Saturday 23/05/2015

Day 3 – Still feeling positive

My boyfriend is away this weekend so I decided to start my day with a 9am pilates class, I love pilates it makes me feel really good without tiring me out. The gym I go to is on campus which means I can easily pop to the lab after my class and get a few bits done, which is exactly what I did. If you’re already there for another reason going to the lab at the weekend doesn’t feel like such a chore. I arrived at 10:15am and stayed for about 2hrs. I set up the next step of what I’m currently working on, sorted out my lab book from the week and designed some primers that I should’ve done yesterday but didn’t get to. Overall a very useful 2hrs.

I was home by 1pm and made myself a nice lunch (isn’t a weekend lunch made fresh so much nicer than a weekday lunch) and sat down to watch qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix. After a few hours work this morning I felt like I’d earned a nice relaxing afternoon/evening so I also decided to invite some friends round to watch Eurovision tonight. I popped out to my local shop and got some bits in and spent the rest of my afternoon making some burger buns 🙂 . That’s right homemade burger buns, they are one of my favourite breads to make because they come out just like shop ones (although never quite as round). I’ve done some homemade burgers and potato wedges (grilled halloumi and peppers for me) and my friends are bringing Pimms. We have an ideal night planned I think!

Homemade burger buns :)
Homemade burger buns 🙂
Our feast complete with Pimms
Our feast complete with Pimms

And it was a really fun night 🙂 I introduced my Italian & Portuguese friends to Pimms and they loved it. Hopefully this shows that while a PhD takes a lot of hard work and dedication it is not and should never be your whole life, take at least part of your weekends to relax and enjoy yourself :).

So my first Saturday blog post consists of a little PhD but mostly doing other things. I have my own personal rule – #noworkweekends but I have to admit I stick to it less and less these days. Once thing I do make sure of is that I never spend all weekend working, I have at least some downtime.

I’m off to bed now (sorry for the lateness of the post, I hope you can forgive me for socialising 😛 ). Thank you once again for taking the time to read my blog – the response I’ve had so far has been so positive and I really appreciate it. Until tomorrow everyone… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


6 thoughts on “Saturday 23/05/2015

  1. I especially like that you remind us that a PhD does not have to rule our lives! So true! I have a lot of writing to get done, but making time to get together with friends for ice cream later today! Look forward to your other posts!


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